Thesis Statement For Coming Of Age

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Summative - Write a literary analysis that develops an original thesis about the Coming of Age genre. Be sure to incorporate at least three stories.

STEP ONE: Examine stories that have a similar thread - annotate the most compelling elements.

STEP TWO: Write an original thesis and make a ROUGH outline

STEP THREE: Write a five paragraph essay with the following in mind:
A strong essay integrates at least SIX exact wordings - two in each paragraph
A strong essay goes beyond the explicit and makes logical inferences about the psychological and literary elements of the stories
A strong essay is organized; the reader can anticipate what comes next
Sample Thesis Statement

In coming of age stories, the protagonists often experience a pensive and dramatic moment where either they break through to adulthood or retreat to childhood - it is this moment that unveils the magnitude of growing up for the reader.


Twelve-point font, Times New Roman, double-spaced (1.5), drafted and submitted via Google Classroom, 3-4 pages.
Polished final copy that follows the conventions of a literary analysis - see handout on Classroom.
All Drafting should take place on Google Classroom

Formative Window - September 25-October 2nd
You may turn the paper in anytime; however, October 6th is the DEADLINE!!!

Learning Targets--------By the end of Pre-AP 10, students can argue a claim in a well-organized and well-written product, using evidence from multiple sources.
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