Thesis Statement For Old Spice

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Nicole Vandever
English 101
12 October 2017
I. Introduction
A. Thesis:
1. The highly popular Old Spice commercials addresses a number of issues related to the construction of masculinities in contemporary American culture. In the 2012 Smell is Power Old Spice commercial, it offers great insight into cultural ideas related to the construction of hegemonic masculinity and implies the masculinity constructed through the protagonist’s, Terry Crews, appearance and body, sexuality, behavior, and his character pattern and mannerisms.
II. Body
A. Hegemonic Masculinity
1a. Assertion: The male protagonist, Terry Crews, is shown to be aggressive, dominant, heterosexual, and competitive.
2a. eXample: In her article, “Boys Will Be Boys: The Male Image In Old Spice Advertising,” Katherine Krauss says, “Advertisements directed toward male consumers suggested that the qualities of the products would reflect the qualities of the owner, the qualities of a “real” man. The traditional image of masculinity was, and still is, defined by characteristics such as heterosexual, competitive, individualistic, aggressive, strong, successful, capable, and authoritative. The ideal man is financially responsible, outdoorsy, athletic, and completely undomesticated” (8).
3a. Explanation: Krauss concludes that in contemporary society, men buy products that support their public image of a man, and that in order to be conceived as a real man, a

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