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It’s an unfortunate fact that our four-legged best friends can become hurt. Just like any two-legged family members, sometimes pets have little accidents around the house, yard, or neighborhood, etc. So when your dog, cat, or any other pet is ill, you'll do just about anything you can to speed up his recovery.
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Unexpected injuries can be a huge burden on pet owners, both financially and emotionally. When a pet, such as a dog or cat, becomes injured, many pet owners don't realize there may be a quick fix as close as the kitchen or bathroom cabinet.
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Not everyone can tell just how serious pet injuries are or can be. Truth is there are some quick, easy, and
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Just like people, some of their wounds itch and are irritated. They start scratching constantly, the wound could get infected and will never heal.
You can clean dirt from your pet's minor wound with regular human contact lens saline solution or hydrogen peroxide. You can also use the contact lens solution to flush out dirt, sand, or other various irritants from your pet's eye.
Second paragraph If your pet is injured, it's important to protect yourself and anyone else who is handling or caring for him or her. Even the most passive, gentle pet can bite in response to the pain of the injury or fear you might make it worse. You can do so by covering their snout, or nose, with a muzzle.
Most owners of “easy-going” or gentle pets don't even own a muzzle, so if you ever find it necessary to prevent your dog (or even your cat) from biting out of pain or fear, you can quickly improvise a muzzle them with a pair of panty hose or tights, a man's tie, or any available strip of cloth. The make-shift muzzle is slightly looped over your pet's nose and mouth, then crossed under the chin, and tied behind the
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