Thesis Statement For Prison

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UNIVERSITY OF KARACHI KARACHI UNIVERSITY BUSINESS SCHOOL Subject: Business English II (322) Submitted by: Beenish Mazhar D/o. M. Mazhar Ali Submitted to: Ms. Aliya Farooqui Date of Submission: 20th November 2014 Q.1 Define thesis statement and anecdote in your own words. a) THESIS STATEMENT: Road map of an essay or any piece of writing. Dual dimensional i.e. Explanation of the topic. helps both readers and Part of an introductory para. writers.…show more content…
• ABSENCE MAKES THE HEART GROW FONDER: THESIS STATEMENT: Absence of a person let us recall those moments we spent together which make us realize how much we love or how much we are attached to that person because we start to feel the lack of something we can’t have, get worried for him/her and always wish everything to be alright. These sorts of feelings altogether enhance the love and care in our heart for that person. • TRAVELLING-A PASSION OR COMPULSION: THESIS STATEMENT: Travelling is a passion for those who love to encounter new places, enjoy interaction with people of different cultures, like to experience food of various places and love to shop there without any particular reason but it seems to be a compulsion for those who are a bit introvert, feel more uncomfortable if they got stuck up somewhere in traffic, prefer staying at one place instead of travelling new and only travel for some serious or particular
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