Thesis Statement For Social Media

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I hope the building transition went well. We spoke briefly about the parameters surrounding Elite’s current social media state. In its current state, Elite, as a brand, is not being presented to full potential on any of these platforms. It is vital to note that your practice is eCommerce. You are, nonetheless, selling a trip to your office. Given, it is important to have a beautiful storefront. Social media, in its entirety, is the most effective storefront on the internet, and the utilization of such has proven itself to bring paramount success to many organizations. The various platforms, being Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, allow for in-depth information to be distributed to your current and potential clients; all in…show more content…
Utilizing each platform properly, using daily, weekly, and monthly routines, organic attention will be drawn to your brand through content creation. With much of the content, the aim will be to connect with the community at all costs. By being community centered, more people will be encouraged to share any organic content related to Elite. But people will not follow you, you must follow them. To elaborate, it is vital that community patterns are noticed and content is formed around such. Through market analysis and pattern recognition, this can be accomplished. The market is fluid and ever-changing, so predicting and molding to it is the key to success. Organic reach will be accompanied and aided by strategic Facebook and Instagram advertisements. Advanced targeting methods allowing us to reach highly specified target audiences, in a highly traceable fashion. Targeted reach will amount to 150,000 people, minimum, bi-weekly. And this does not include reach in its entirety. Many forms of content are necessary to fulfill the potential at hand, and our team can produce all photography, videography, and graphic design work in-house. Whether used for organic page content, or advertisements, the content will craft the story of the Elite brand. Below further expands on each medium. Photography/Videography To aid in the educational approach, new videos will be necessary. Using Canon EOS D series cameras, with Adobe Premiere Pro
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