Thesis Statement For Surgeons

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While preparing my speech I did many things but first I was to create an outline of what I was going to say or even what were my points were going to be. As more often people do I picked my family, friends, and my activities. By deciding thoughts, I quickly had to pick what things I should talk about or not just to be able to make time. Also how I was going to incorporate my thesis statements to my conclusion. I love to sing and I have always wanted to buy each and sing constantly. It’s not a profession that I want to follow through but it is an interest that I have. A surgeon is what I would like to be someday. I could use that money to buy my own surgery kit to learn how to do different types of stiches or even books on the heart to learn…show more content…
With them having 6 children and only my dad working right now, it’s really hard for him to keep up with everything. We already help out with about 100 dollars each time we get paid. Were expected to have enough money for the gas and phone bill. In a way I understand and money goes away very fast, next thing you know your already down to 50 or less. This world works like this. That’s why it’s smart to save or even invest, it protects you from emergences. The way to solve this solution is for woman to understand their doing wrong and there are other options. There are organizations that help with caring for the mother and child if they no longer have a place to live, usually because the parents don’t want anything to do with them at that point. There is also adoption were you can give your baby to a family that are not able to have their own. This way you have your child and you will still probably will be able to visit them if the new parents allow it. You would have no write to say other ways, because in the state of law you have granted them to be the guardians. Once you give up your child there is no other way to get them back to
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