Thesis Statement : Global Warming

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Thesis Statement: Global warming is a growing concern of scientists and researchers who believe that it is a serious problem for our planet. The concerns and research have also been questioned and have even been called myths. Millions of people find themselves affected by these weather pattern changes and are concerned for their futures. Activists on both sides of the argument are very passionate and not afraid to attack each other in every way they can. There are many questions that are still not answered, however, we continue to see drastic weather changes to Earth. We must go beyond the arguments and learn as much as we can to stop what could possibly lead to the destruction of our planet, our way of life and our future.
Global warming is concerned with an average increase in the temperature of the atmosphere and the increase in the Earth 's surface temperature primarily due to the emission of greenhouse gases from the burning of fossil fuels. As for the processes of global warming, they can occur from a variety of causes. The causes include the things that are concerned with natural and human factors.
Some people believe that global warming is a myth or hoax. They believe that global warming is being used to generate fear and panic and that those behind this movement are using it to control people 's lives and for financial gain. “Within the community of scientists and others concerned about anthropogenic climate change, those who are skeptics are more commonly termed
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