Thesis Statement Of Bread Givers

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Bread Givers by Anzia Yezierska makes a reader ask themselves, especially a college student if they are genuinely following and fulfilling their dream. The main character Sara knows what her dreams are. She knows why she must pursue her dream and with conviction, she never lets anything get in her way. As Sara is growing up with an Orthodox Rabbi for a father, a mother who worships the ground he walks on, three sisters who each gave up their loves for loveless marriages. She knows that the Old World is not the life she wants to lead but from ten years to seventeen years of age she does not know how to pursue the life she wants. Sara decides just to shut the door on the Polish Old World at seventeen, and although she looks back many times, she always keeps her eye on her dream. Sara followed and fulfilled he…show more content…
Sara watched each of her sisters give up their loves for their Father and marry someone who gave money to him Sara knew that was not what she wanted for herself. It was one of the numerous causes that made her leave home. Being a young woman of marrying age in the 1920s, and being in poverty meant that someone would be lucky to be married and have children with a roof over their head. Sara wanted to have an education; she wanted to learn or herself, not to have a husband teach her what she needs to know. Seeing how her sister is in marriages caused to fulfill her dreams of wanting a real love because Sara felt that is she was educated maybe one someone will love her for being smart and not just being a female.
“Become my own person,” led Sara to leave home. She knew if she stayed home at the end of the day she would be forced into an Old Polish World life of what she viewed as misery. Sara wanted a life of education and meaning. Sara wanted to have a change to grow on her own. Mother and her sister each lived through Father and their own husband I some way even when they knew it hurt
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