Thesis Statement Of No Greater Love By Danielle Steel

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“No Greater Love” by Danielle Steel is about bearing burden of life. The dissertation work based on No Greater Love contained the main facts, the everyday life of today’s society. Danielle Steel as the author of the novel put herself at the center of the story, thus guaranteed the work’s being so real, the work mirrors the real world.
Speaking of this work we tried to put our opinion of the hard life writing this dissertation work. Generally, the thesis contained “No Greater Love”, its author, major problems, plot, analyzing of characters and mysteries concerning Titanic. It’s obvious that the work is historical fiction, this is Steel’s one of her two novels about Titanic where life becomes heavy burden for heroines caused by Titanic disaster. As it was mentioned “No Greater Love” is a historical fiction and we proved it in the dissertation work, as the part of history is depicted there. Also we got Danielle Steel’s letters concerning this theme, where we again are sure that this novel is the genre of above mentioned.
Historical fiction is always popular in every period of time. The genre itself is very attracting, the use of this genre in the novel was a success. The other chapter of the novel was dealt with the plot of the novel. Here is depicted the soul of the novel and dissertation work, in the plot the
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From the first sight she looks like the other girls, then, what makes her be different? The answer is one – her bravery, her courage makes her be distinctive. If we look inside of ourselves, we may notice these qualifications in us, too , as God gifted every person with these features. It is up to us whether we want to use them or not. We can be the heroes of our own destinies, if we really want it. If we choose the right way, if we look inside of our hearts, we’ll absolutely find the necessary peculiarities of

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