Thesis Statement Of Sweatshops

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The Benefits Behind Sweatshops Thesis statement: Sweatshops, when left to operate without government intervention, are the most efficient way of out poverty. Introductory rationale: When it comes to social justice issues, most people believe the government needs to solve the problem. Social justice in sweatshops is no exception. In my research, I have found that what people see as the cause of injustice in developing countries, sweatshops, are actually what is responsible for lifting people up out of poverty. As a result, any sort of government regulation will fail to solve the problem. The audience I am writing for is a diverse group of peers who are concerned with social justice though they may have different solutions and beliefs about the topic. My goal in this draft is to expand their knowledge and show them the benefits of not interfering with the free market. I. Claim 1: Sweatshops increase the standards of living for the workers and their communities 1. Evidence: 1) Kristof, Nicholas. “Where Sweatshops Are a Dream.” The New York Times, 14 Jan. 2009, Accessed 7 Sept. 2017. This article has a personal story from the author about improving conditions. This makes for a good pathos argument 2) Powell, Benjamin. “Sweatshops: A Way Out of Poverty.” Mises Institute, 20 Mar. 2014, Comparison of changing living standards due to “sweatshops” 3) Templin, Paul. “The
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