Thesis Statement On Children Beauty Pageant Should Be Banned

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Topic: Children beauty pageant should be banned. Thesis Statement: Children beauty pageant should be banned because it is an indirect child abuse, cause financial strain and affects children’s behaviour. A girl smiled and posed elegantly while parading on the stage wearing such a beautiful tiara and glittering dresses. She seems like was having so much fun with her make up on her face. Everyone was clapping for her. However, behind that cute and pretty face, a needle of toxin was injected on her forehead, lips, and around her eyes in a bid to prepare her to be a beautiful teen. In fact, everyone could see this act is very cruel to be applied for children because they might end up with an old face at a very young age. Thus, it is necessary…show more content…
The phrase ‘glamour does not come cheap’ proven by Roche (2013), parents acknowledged that they have to self-sacrifice by outlaying a large amount of money using their own self-income and the truth behind this, everything spent on children are costly where around $3000 are spent only on children’s costumes and that does not include promotional photographs, talent lessons, and travel expenses which are undeniably expensive. Specifically, the competition fees might be around $50 to $500 for each contest (Sandberg, 2011). At the same time this contributes to the prosperity of beauty pageant industry as they are making money when parents use their self-income to participate in the contest even though the fees made up around hundreds of dollars. Therefore, the winning title is not worth the amount spent on children. However parents enjoy seeing their child shined with giant spotlight, wearing sparkly tiaras and glittering dresses, they should realize that large amount of money that had flow out will eventually turn into debt. Yet, parents still assume someday these achievement is a memorable moment that should be cherished one day (Sandberg, 2011), but actually the progress of being a beauty pageant will only contribute to a huge

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