Thesis Statement On Geriatric Nursing

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As our population ages there is becoming a greater need to accommodate and care for them. Statistics Canada did a census in 2016 that states that "13.0% of the population is aged 65 and older." Although many people aged 65 can still function independently and do not require much help. As they become older however, their needs will change as their health declines (Ivan, 2018). The local community has seen a shift in needs as elementary schools and high schools are amalgamated to adjust for low numbers of students. On the other hand the number and size of the local Nursing and Retirement Homes has grown. "32.0% of people aged 85 and older lived in collective dwellings such as nursing homes and residences for senior citizens" (A Portrait of…show more content…
At first thought one would think it is simply caring for the older people. There is however so much more that is overlooked unless it is looked at closely. Geriatric nursing is not only about an education but it is also about perspective or a person's view and understanding of older people. One quote that stands out is, "Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength." -Betty Friedan (2016, p. 1). This quote is two sided. It is a statement about the aged and a statement for the nurses who work the aged. It is not only looking at the person and seeing illness and decline but looking into the person and seeing "the person". It is important to include the whole person when providing nursing care (Ivan, 2018). This means providing care that is based not only the immediate needs but in a way that the person deserves. These people are full of wisdom and have values and beliefs that are important to them. It is modifying care to allow for dignity and respect (Ivan, 2018). The nurse becomes part of the elderly person's life and is entrusted by their families. Granted there are challenges in nursing with the aged as well. Many suffer from Alzheimer's disease, dementia or delirium (Ivan, 2018). All of these can have an effect on how the person views the nurse or the role of the nurse. Firsthand experience has shown how a person can become fearful, confused and can even become aggressive. Geriatric nursing demands greater…show more content…
Sault College has the Practical Nursing program, a two year diploma. The curriculum can be found online or onsite. It includes all the basic training, knowledge and skill needed to complete the program. All successful students then must take a provincial exam to become registered before they can practice as an RPN (Practical Nursing). After becoming registered an RPN can practice in the field of geriatrics. However they may not fully understand the complexity of the field. Gaining more knowledge about gerontology can then be accessed through continuing education. There are online certificate programs available to enhance the skills obtained through the Practical Nursing program. To name a few are Mohawk College, McMaster University and the Geriatric Certificate Program. All of these facilities allow time for completion, up to seven years, as they are designed for people who are already working. Some of these programs will put more emphasis on things that more common in the aged population. The "Key issues in nursing older people" are mobility, nutrition, continence management, communication, spirituality, religious practice, beliefs and values, sexuality and intimacy, risk and safety in nursing, social participation and social networks, dying and mental health issues (Key Issues in Nursing Older People, 2012 p.77). All of these areas will guide a nursing career in
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