Thesis Statement On Globalization

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Globalization is an undeniable phenomenon of our modern societies. Global patterns keep spreading in many fields of our everyday life: food, economy, marketing, and last but not least, culture. Cultural products are indeed very often produced following the American pattern and exported to various places around the world. Hollywood blockbusters are huge hits in many different countries, our radios broadcast more and more American songs and even our national singers choose to sing in English rather than in their native language. Globalization is caused by many different factors. Cross-border processes such as interregional trade, employment, population migration and military conquest or colonization probably constitute the main factors (Holton, 2000, 141, 149).…show more content…
Lastly, religions play an important role too by gathering people scattered across the globe under an identical cosmology, thus creating imagined communities (Anderson, 1983). Globalization, by connecting people through the media, also creates such a community: inhabitants of the world share the idea of a global community and an international identity. This is why we could define globalization as the compression of time and space (Harvey, 1983). Communications as well as people can travel at an ever increasing speed, thereby giving the impression that every corner of the world is at hand. The main thesis about globalization argues that it leads to a phenomenon of homogenization. My hypothesis however is that some cultures are so different and so deeply rooted in their environment that they can't simply be erased. They will be modified, influenced but not standardized under one unique model. This will lead to hybrid products, thereby proving the hypothesis of glocalization, introduced by
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