Thesis Statement On Technology Vs Technology

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Dilan Patel Ms. A. Moreira English IV January 8th, 2018
Technology vs Technology
Introduction - include thesis statement somewhere here!
Thesis Statement: Some technology is bad for everyone like phone, computer because of it cause people addiction, stress, sleep disorders and loss of hearing and eyesight.
Topic 1: does technology make us more alone. (addiction)
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we love our devices so much that many of us even sleep with them. One study found that 44% of cell phone owners keep their bed at night to ensure they do not miss a thing. There are many in a 2011 poll, 95 %of adults said they regularly use their devices right before bedtime. There are many types of sleep disorders but most of the time we cause sleep disorders because of technology. (sleepfoundation)
Conclusion - technology has the good and bad impact. Some people use technology for good reason and some use for the bad reason but some technology are harmful to us but if you use in wrong way then only. Ya, it true that some technology makes us alone but not all technology. Some people are on phone whole day it can cause your eyes hurt. If you on phone whole time every day that causes bad impact on you. Like low vision, red eyes, or you feel like blindness. Is technology is good for people? Everything is now on technology. Half of the people on earth use technology some use for good. Some use for bad. But most of the people use technology for bad like hacking the bank, site, etc. There are much more thing we can do from
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