Thesis Statement On The Accessibility For Children With Disabilities In Mauritius

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In this chapter the results obtained from the analysis of data collected (previous chapter) are discussed in relation to the aims and objectives of the study. The study attempts to answer the following research questions:
1. ‘Does Special Needs Education institution comply with the American with Disability Act 1990/ 2010?’
2. ‘Are these institutions accessible to children using wheelchair?’
3. ‘Does the year the building was built or renovated affect the accessibility of children using wheelchair in SEN institutions in Mauritius?’
According to Hammel J et al, Building codes, guidelines and standards all provide minimum level of accessibility. However they do not make accommodation for everyone, therefore the result showed
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• The first limitation was that during the data collection phase, most of the schools had already gone on vacation and were close, so there was delay in collecting data.
• Many schools did not understand the implication of the study, implying that the study consisted of evaluating the school environment and not interviewing the students, thus many had not granted permission as students were on vacation.
• Only a checklist was administered, therefore data could not be collected on the psychological impact of accessibility.
• The study focuses only on wheelchair accessibility, other aspects of accessibility was not worked onto.
• The study investigated accessibility of children using wheelchair only, it could have included other children with disability as well.
• Only average and percentage compliance were calculated for every section and every school and these were represented in table and bar charts only, which is a very crude way of presenting data.
• Some selected sections were measured out of all the features in a school setting, therefore some were considered more important than

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