Thesis Statement On The Temple Of Hera

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f Hera in Olympia
ChenCheng Tao
ARCH 1010
Justin Mann
Research Topic: How does technology inform the way the Temple of Hera looks?
Intro & Thesis Statement: Temple of Hera at Olympia is built for serving the wife of Zeus and the Greek goddess of marriage, Hera. The size of Temple of Hera is not huge, the dimensions of the temple were 18.75 m by 50 m. It is the oldest building in the site of Olympia, it was built about 600 BC, it is one of the oldest temples in Greece. The Temple was destroyed by an earthquake in 4th century CE. The first Olympic game started here at 776 BC and maintained the tradition ever since. In modern days, people use Temple of Hera as the sacred place for lighting up the torch of the Olympic flame. Temple of Hera at Olympia uses its environment, different styles of Doric columns, hexastyle plan and different local materials that were used on the temple shapes the way it looks.

Location Temple of Hera at Olympia is one of the oldest temples built in Greece. The Olympia site including the Temple of Hera at Olympia is set at the foot of Mount Kronos. (fig. 1) The Temple is located at the northwest corner of the Sanctuary of Zeus at Altis, at the top center of the Olympia site, in between Nymphaeum of Herodes Atticus and Prytaneion. (fig. 2) The name of the mountain is named after the Greek deity Kronos. Greeks have a long history of building architectures near or up on the top of the mountain. There are many examples in the history. The Parthenon in
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