Thesis Statement : The Upper Middle Class

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Thesis statement: The upper middle class residents of South End proudly expressed their love for diversity in the community yet romanticized being helpful by controlling and reconstructing the original residential norms. In condemning the routinely behaviors and common establishments in the neighborhood, it became evident that their true intent was to control the population. Tissot claims that “Gentrifies want to elaborate a way of life different from that of the suburbs, translating certain liberal ideas into action. At the same time, they still have a deep-rooted fear of the “ghettos” and of “the other” especially as embodied by black men. (p. 250)” Upper middle class came to the South End not because they could no longer afford to live in the suburbs or the higher end side of the town, but because they wanted a different scenery, a more diverse scenery. But as Tissot states, their “love of diversity goes hand in hand with its strict limitation and control. (p. 246)” Prior to moving to South End, these pioneers had their own residential norms embedded in them. The suburban lifestyle consisted of huge houses, lots of private space and little to none engagement in public spaces to the extent that “any presence in the streets other than in a car is considered almost a deviant behavior and most importantly, a safe environment. (p. 202)” These norms did not suddenly dissipate once they moved into this new neighborhood. In the South end they encountered many liquor stores
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