Thesis : The American Government

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Thesis: The American government, put under pressure from the Organization of American States, which promoted democracy, alliances, and healthy relations with Latin countries, was forced to recognize the dictator Trujillo’s human rights violations despite initially maintaining close relations with him. As Ulisis Heureaux, the Dominican dictator from 1888-1899, brought the Dominican Republic (DR) into tremendous debt by borrowing money and bonds from European countries such as Germany and France, America sought to protect the DR from European imperialism under the Roosevelt Corollary. Heaureax, left with the torn economy from his predecessor, Buenaventura Baez, sought help from foreign banks. In order to stabilize the debt, “Heureaux took out a loan of three-quarters of a million pounds sterling from the Dutch banking house Westendorp.”After Westendorp went bankrupt in 1892, the American company, San Domingo Improvement Company, “bought...and took over its railroad contracts and European bondholders.” The existing debt left by Heaureax after he was assassinated in 1899 was still owed to Germany and France, who responded by sending warships to retrieve their money, and “protect the interest …[of] its investors.” Under the Roosevelt Corollary, President Theodore Roosevelt established that “it was the duty of the United States to play the role of an ‘international police power’ when…[threatened] by European imperialism.” In order to fulfill the dream of United States
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