Thesis in tea bags

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Ink Made out of Camellia sinensis
This project is being done to know the potency of the extract from Camellia sinensis as an ink. This project aims for making an ink for a cheaper and in alternative way than the commercial and branded one.
How to make an alternative ink out of Camellia sinensis that can be found in tea bags?
Tea is an aromatic beverage commonly prepared by pouring hot or boiling water over cured leaves of the tea plant, Camellia sinensis. Tea likely originated in China as a medicinal drink. It is made by brewing tea leaves to create an extract, due to the chlorophylls and other pigments in the leaves, the color commonly appears brown.
Statement of the Problem:
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The physical characteristics of the Ink from tea extracts was observed and compared to the Ink that was commercially processed.

Results and Discussions:
Our hypothesis which states that tea bags can be used for an alternative ink if cornstarch and vinegar were added was proven correct. The addition of vinegar and cornstarch in making an alternative ink resulted a thicker consistency . We also had proven that without the vinegar, the alternative ink will be less seen.

During the procedure itself, we have observed that boiling was an effective process of extraction. Right after we put the tea bags inside the boiling water, the changed- color was very noticeable. During that step, the smell from the tea was strong. While doing the steps, there was a change of color when we added the vinegar and the cornstarch. The vinegar’s effect was also seen when we tried it on a paper. It became sticky and the color grew darker than before.

Data Analysis:
While doing these steps, we analyzed the following data we gathered. The vinegar we added had a great part for succeeding the experiment because the vinegar’s effect is the reason why the alternative ink became more effective. We had analyzed that the use of boiling water was the easier way to extract the tea bags. As we researched, there are also various methods on

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