Thesis of Library System

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A Thesis
Submitted to the Faculty of
Intercity College of Science and Technology
J.P Laurel St, Davao City

In Partial Fulfillment
To the Requirements for the Degree
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Submitted by:

Rovilyn P. Abadia

This study entitled “Automated Record Library System of EMAR Learning Center” is about presenting a system that aims to automate the manual library record system of EMAR Learning Center. The automation aims to reduce the process of record keeping and increase the efficiency of the current system. Furthermore, it also sought to determine the benefit that school can get from using the system in terms of speed,
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Statement of the Problem
The study proposed a record library system of EMAR Learning Center.
Specifically, it answers the following problem: * What system is an appropriate replacement for using borrower’s cards? * How to lessen the time spent on processing the returned books? * What is an effective and efficient system on recording newly acquired books and to locate which section a specific book belongs to within the library?
Objectives of the Study
The goal of the study is to develop an automated record library system for EMAR Learning Center and help the school satisfy its needs and ease the burden of the manual system.
Specifically, it aims to answer the following problems: * There’s no need to use a library card or borrower’s card in order to borrow books from the library because this system will provide a form that student will fill-up with name and ID number. * This system will provide search tool that will be used in locating student’s form. By this, it will be easier to identify what books and when these books are being borrowed * This system provide a search tool to make easy in recording the new incoming books and to identify what section the book belong to.

Significance of the Study
The study is very significant to the following: * To the librarian in terms of manageable record of books

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