Thesis on the First World War

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i. Introduction A. Attention step: the change in the context and trend of war in terms of ferocity of the weapons and the increase in human/nations participation was occasioned by the industrial revolution and the French revolution. B. Thesis: The First World War stimulated the greatest changes in warfare because it brought about new technology and industry development, advancement in science, and improved infrastructure and communication; essentially the First World War combined the legacies of the French and Industrial Revolutions and set the pattern for twentieth century warfare. ii. The industrialization in Europe and the new technology escalated the power of the WWI as compared to the other wars fought across the world there before. A. The industries led to increased production of the weapons needed in the war. B. The availability of raw materials for the industries meant mass production of the weapons sufficient to replace the damaged and the lost as well as the vast army. iii. The advancement in science saw the war become sophisticated as each side tried to outwit the other in tact and equipment. A. Chemistry was largely employed to come up with explosives and ammunitions that had superior destructive power. B. New discoveries for instance of the rockets added to the power of the WWI. iv. The improved infrastructure and communication system boosted the participation of bigger number of troops from the French Revolution. A. The industrial revolution saw
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