Thessalonians Chapter 6 Summary

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In the 4th chapter leading up to the 5th chapter of this book of Thessalonians which the essay entails to be watchful of the Lord. The Lord had an expectation or a calling upon the Thessalonica. Which were to remain holy in their lives and pure of any sexual sin 4:3 (NLT). God knew that the church will be tempted to sin by harming or cheating each other, so Paul had to tell the church that if they were to sin, they were rejecting God and his laws. Paul writes to them that whomever were against the will of God, then God will punish those sinners accordingly. Paul writes the church to tell them to continue to live the way they were living for they were pleasing God in their actions, as well showing the unbelievers that they are respectable people of God.
The latter part of the 4th chapter, Paul goes on to write about the resurrection of those who have chosen Christ as their personal savior. Jesus paid the penalty
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Paul starts chapter five off by telling the church that times and dates of Christ is not known to man. The only person that really knows of Christ arrival on Earth is God the father and Jesus the son. For this reason, if man was to know the exact day and time of Christ arrival then man will want to be lazy in his works for the Lord. For example, if an employee has a job to do and knows the boss is preparing to show up at any given time then the employ will always be busy tending to his work. God does not his people to become lazy while on Earth. He wants his children to be disciples for him, by telling others who he is in their personal life and what he has for others. God wants his laborers in his vineyard, by helping the needy, feeding the sick, and taking care of the widows and orphans. One can believe if they are working for the Lord then that person would have no time to seat around waiting on God but staying busy as Christ did when he walked amongst people in the New Testament
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