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Immigration is one of several top priority issues in the 2016 U.S. elections, and the U.S. badly needs a new immigration plan. “President Obama announced on Nov. 20, 2014 a series of executive actions that grants up to five million unauthorized immigrants protection from deportation.” ( Parlapiano, Alicia) Under this order, currently unauthorized immigrants would benefit greatly, despite Congress 's disturbing lack of support in this area. However, this new, executive-ordered program is on hold, its legality is being contested in the courts. President Obama is in favor of the Dream act. Note, too, under President Obama 's two terms of office, more people than under any previous administration have been deported. The Supreme Court…show more content…
Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton both favor 'a path to citizenship ' and deportation protection for illegal immigrants. Hillary Clinton wants immigration reform, and she would keep DACA and DAPA. She also favors the DREAMERS and the Dream Act, which seeks to put an end to the terrible separation within families that indiscriminate deportation creates. She understands the harm that is done by this kind of separation, which is so destructive to family life. Bernie Sanders is also in favor of immigration reform, though there is one policy he is concerned about, which is the 'guest worker ' programs, H2A and H1B. He is concerned these programs will bring in so many unskilled workers that it could cause a loss of jobs for some U.S. citizens. He 's particularly concerned that these programs would cut into jobs that might otherwise be taken by young people, that there will be even less jobs for them, then there are now. On the Republican side, there is Donald Trump, probably the most hated candidates by immigrants because of his prejudice sounding comments, directed at Mexico and Mexicans, and other countries and citizens, too. Donald Trump wants everyone to be legal, that anyone entering the country does so in a legal manner. Donald Trump wants to build a wall, but not just any wall. He wants to build a big wall, beautiful wall with a nice door, to stop the flow of immigrants, from Mexico and beyond, coming into the United States. Ted Cruz is in
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