Theu.s. History : Analytical Paper

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Ray-shawn Kennedy U.S history Analytical paper Have you ever been in a dirty bathroom and thought about how dirty it was and how many germs were just floating around in the atmosphere? Or walking into a bathroom after someone else walks out and having to deal with the foul odor of their bodily fluids. Life wasn 't always this simple, at times things were a lot worse and many people weren 't sure how to cope with the situations. This problem is something many people had to deal with on daily basis and had to figure out to live a regular life with it. This is why cleanliness, public health, and technology was important problem that many people had to overcome during the 19th century until now. For many decades Americans have depended…show more content…
They had to get each of the features of the bathroom at separate times. Since the working class struggled more than the other classes the government decided to take action and help out the working class along with the other classes by providing Warnings sewers system to their community. The working class only had one sink in the house and when it came to having to wash their hands they either had to go outside or use the kitchen sink which was used as a bathroom sink and kitchen sink. When they had to use the bathtub the kitchen was used for this as well. The working class showered once a week and that was considered enough to be clean. Due to the fact of the difficulty to switch out the hot bath water many families shared water and this kept them from really getting clean. This lead to the culture of cleanliness which was how everyone should remain clean. Immigrants in the working class were seen as dirty and lazy because they did not shower. This wasn’t because they did not want to but, because they did not have the location to do such nor the resources. Yezierska stated in the text “agents of clean society dismissing her from consideration for jobs because of her shabby clothes and personal appearance. The low wages she earned prevented her from getting better clothes,and the long hours she worked did not leave time for the luxury like a bath”(Yezierska,19). Not only was she

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