Theu.s. Immigration Reform Needs An Enterprising Solution

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“Leadership is needed to fix this fracture Immigration System” Immigration reform is a daily topic address in the American media, this issue is heavily debated. The 2016 Presidential candidates must address this issue and offer solid support of the Dream Act or clearly written counter plan to solve this issue. These candidates can not be passive they must take a stand somewhere. This is a complex issue at effects everyone in America in many different ways. These candidates must address what to do with 11million illegal immigrants that are currently living in the U.S, how to continue to improve the borders, how to streamline the visa and green card process, how to incorporate more immigrants into U.S to solve the future labor demands to replace the aging American workforce. The U.S immigration policy needs an enterprising solution because the current one is ineffective, which is caused by a lack of leadership, lack of prioritizing, outdated policies, green card backlogs and the millions of stay overs. First off leadership is a vital part of organizational success. Abram Lincoln once said “If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand” which comes from the bible (Mark 3:25). The number one problem is there is no Authority on immigration policies as a Nation. All these federal and state agencies play their part with no consolidate organization to report to: Department of Homeland Security which has four different agencies that deals with immigration and The…
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