Theu.s. Invasion Of Grenada

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The U.S. invasion of Grenada was the first major U.S. military operation ever since the end of the Vietnam War. Undeniably, many have concluded that it may have in part been an assessment of the purported "Vietnam syndrome," the alleged condition that makes it problematic for the American public to support U.S. military interference deprived of a just cause. As with Iraq, the early defences for the invasion proved to be either extremely debatable or obviously false, hitherto it still received bipartisan support in Congress and the approval of nearly two-thirds of the American public. The invasion of Grenada by the U.S was very unusual compared to other 20th century wars. It was by far the easiest, shortest and most successful invasion for the United States during the 20th century period. The United States intervention in Grenada has been characterised by some as a rescue mission, by others an act of aggression. Therefore the purpose of this essay is to analyse and examine the reasons and causes behind the U.S. led invasion into Grenada during the latter part of 1983, as well as the consequences faced by both the United States government and the people of Grenada. The Grenada Invasion also Codenamed Operation Urgent Fury, was the U.S. decision to invade Grenada after the overthrow and subsequent killing of the Grenadian President Maurice Bishop evoked widespread criticism from several different outlets (Green, 2013). Recognizing such outlooks, this essay also seek to examine

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