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Chapter I: Introduction The cesarean section in the United States has become common practice. This is quite different from when the first cesarean section was performed. They have been documented to occur in ancient times; an example is when Apollo is said to have cut Asclepius from his mother’s womb. The name of the procedure is sometimes thought to come from the birth of Julius Caesar when he was cut from his mother Aurelia’s stomach. Now some believe this must not actually be true since stories say that she was alive to hear of her son’s invasion of Britain. In the days of Caesar, women did not survive the procedure. Julius Caesar decreed that all women who were dead or dying have the procedure to remove the baby as to increase the population, so some believe this might be the reasoning for the name. (U.S. National Library of Medicine, 1998.) In today’s society, a cesarean section can be a lifesaving procedure for women, babies, or both. Today the cesarean section is so common in the United States that one in three babies is born this way. The current rate of cesarean birth is at 32.8%. This is a significant increase since 1996 when the rate was 20.9%. The World Health Organization stated in 1985 that “15% cesarean rate was ideal” and that this rate would hopefully “prevent childbirth injuries and deaths, but would help many women and babies avoid unnecessary surgery.” In 2009 they modified this statement. Now they state that the “optimum rate is unknown,” but

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