Theu.s. Roosevelt 's New Deal

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Through the years of the 1930s to the 1950s, the federal state expanded drastically and had many effects on citizenship. During these times, America was facing the Great Depression, one the roughest times in American History. America was also facing many years of wartime through those years, which led to both problems and solutions for citizens. The federal state expanded from the workings of both the First and Second New Deal, the economic impact resulting from World War 2,and from the G.I. Bill.

Roosevelt’s New Deal was a series of federal programs launched in 1933 in attempt to restore America’s economy from the Great Depression. By 1932, the worst year of the Depression, more than 13 million workers were unemployed, about 25 percent of the workforce.[1] The New Deal was constructed to benefit the common people. Roosevelt forged the New Deal Coalition, who supported everything he did for the New Deal. The New Deal ordered taxes amongst the rich, so elite white southerners opposed this along with the Supreme Court. The New Deal had four main objectives: economic recovery, job creation, civic uplift, and investment in public work. The New Deal was able to stabilize banks and help the country recover from the predicament they faced from the Stock Market crashing. The New Deal also created several special agencies, which gave jobs to over millions of people who desperately needed them. On top of that, The New Deal built hundreds of thousands of highways, bridges, hospitals,…

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