Theu.s. State Prison System

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There are so many problem in the Unites State Prison system because of overcrowding. First I am going to talk about what cause the overcrowding in the Prison system. After that I will talk what are the affect we are facing now days for overcrowding in the prison system. Than what should we do to stop prison to get overcrowding and how is going to help out society. Now we going to talk about the reason why our prison is overcrowding in the United State. According to (“What Causes Overcrowding,” 2011) the first main reason is “war on drug” before they made this law the United State prison population was about a quarter amount than what is right now. They also showed that 70 to 75 percent of prisoner in the prison today because of the law for “war on drug”. So its mean most of the space in prison got covered by people who use drug not for something major issue. I think people who use drug besides putting them in the prison they should put them some rehabilitation program to help them got out of their addiction on drug. So I think that’s how we could save some space and put those people who do really violent crime and deserve it. According to (“What Causes Overcrowding,” 2011) there are another reason for overcrowding is criminal offenders record indicator law. This law were made for to protect the privacy of people who have criminal record. For example when people come out from the jail or prison they still have the criminal record on hem even though they got out on the

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