Theu.s. The Three Strikes Law

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. I do not think, so I need to change anything in my current problem from the HCP to AP. My current problem is that for the last few years, three strikes law has enormously increased more crimes in New Mexico. A main reason there is an increase in New Mexico is because in New Mexico the three strikes law is mainly only applied for 5 specific crimes such as kidnapping, armed robbery, murder, shooting, and criminal sexual penetration. Moreover, there is debate going on in New Mexico that the crime rate is rising very rapidly to increase that New Mexico government need to toughen the three strikes law. Governor Martinez is arguing that the three strikes law is very weak that is no narrow that no inmate is currently serving a life sentence under it. There are many criminals out there on the streets of New Mexico who keep crimes but there is no one to stop them because most of the crimes in New Mexico do not even apply to the three strikes law. This is the few of the reasons why New Mexico crime rate is still high. 2. Yes, there has been one article I found that is current event about my topic since the HCP. One of the sources that might be help for me to identify the potential policy solution is “Governor Martinez: New Mexico needs tougher ‘three strikes’ law” article, and “How do we fix our Prisons” by Merilee article. These two articles are going to be helpful for me to find two policy proposal solutions. In the article “New Mexico needs tougher ‘three strikes’ law,” Susana

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