They Say: Ida B. Wells Essay

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They Say 1) Lynching a) Nelson’s hanging: Husband stole cow, son killed & shot deputy. Woman and son hung from bridge (pg. 7) i) “She was very small of stature, very black, about thirty years old,” the newspapers reported, “and vicious”. ii) The boy: “fourteen and yellow and ignorant”, according to papers. b) ‘It is generally thought that the Negroes got what would have been due them under process of law. (page 8) c) “This may be “southern Brutality’ as far as the Boston Negro can see, but in polite circles, we call it Southern Chivalry”. ( page 9) d) Ku Klux Klan iii) Obj. is to suppress Negro, keep him, where he belongs, and make sure Democratic Party runs this country.”…show more content…
Citizens, black man has no rights in which the White man is bound to respect ( Dred Scott 1857) Page15) n) “It the first time in my life that I have ever had to give up the sidewalk to a man, much less Negroes!” * It is impossible to describe the condition of the city- it is so unlike anything we could imagine-Negroes shoving white persons off the sidewalk (page 19) * Whites were indignant if they weren’t treated with the same deference they were used to. o) Insolence, putting on airs: blacks didn’t move out of way of whites and didn’t answer to the basic names given p) Black women always at fault for relationships with masters x) There no virtuous southern black girls (pg. 42) q) White men were always ready to treat women “who have negro blood in their veins” like prostitutes (pg. 43) xi) “cheeky wench” Pg 84 (1) ‘Julia Hooks, fellow teacher and Musician, went to a concert with Wells (June 1886) shared the determination to stand up for civil rights with Ida. Hooks
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