They'Re Not Your Husband

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They’re not your husband ”They’re not your husband” is a short story written by Raymond Carver. The story was published in 1973 in a literary magazine, called Chicago Review. The definition of a short story is typically a brief work of literature. The story has no set length and there are often few characters introduced in the story. The short story usually focuses on one plot, one main character, and one central theme. That is the opposite compared to a novel. The short story is characterized by the beginning, where the reader is thrown into the story. This type of introduction we call “in medias res”. This statement is Latin and means "middle of the action.” In all short stories there is an open ending. The open ending is an opened…show more content…
I’ll give it a try.” She does not say diet directly, but she is talking about it between the lines. There is used irony in “They’re not your husband”. In the ending where Doreen’s colleague askes her: “ Who is this man?” Doreen replies: “He’s my husband. ” Earl has for a long time seen Doreen as a product to sell, rather than his wife, a human being. The short story is narrated in a third person and is not identified. The narrator’s point of view is omniscient and is unnamed. The narrator is “all-knowing”, he knows the characters, but he does not express their feelings or their thoughts. We can read between the lines, that Earl is not happy with his job. He is jealous of Doreen's job, but instead of being serious, he chooses to drink the time away. The theme Carver uses in “They’re not your husband” is realistic, but also negative. Carver often writes about dysfunctional human relations and families. He writes in a very minimalistic way, which make the story more authentic. Marriage and control is a theme in the short story. Earl and Doreen are not happily married and their love for each other has collapsed. Appearance and accept is the most important prominent theme. Earl do not respect and love his wife for who she is. He is busier with others opinion. If they think she is to fat, she must go on a diet. Therefore he forces her to become thinner. Doreen accepts her husband for who he is, and is not afraid to acknowledge him. The control has taken over. He
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