Thick Connective Tissue Research Paper

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1] There are four main tissues types; epithelium, connective, nervous and muscle, inside of every tissue types there are varieties present. In pictures 1, 2 and 3 are of epithelium tissues that make a hindrance between the outside environment and the body inside called the skin. The skin is the biggest organ and anticipates microorganisms, living beings, microbes and different hazardous particles entering the body. Epithelium tissue also lines the inside organs structure to keep it from harming. The job of these tissues is to ensure the body and organs, permits absorption and emission that are required and lastly to filter any substances that are destructive.

2] So also connective tissue, which is picture 10, is utilised for protection but …show more content…

Fat connective tissue is for the most part utilised for the storage of supplements and fats while areolar connective tissue, which is appeared in picture 8 utilised mainly for the connection of distinctive tissues in the organ, they cushion around the organs. Fat connective tissue is stuffed with cells and veins so they can store substances quickly while areola tissue is pressed with loosely arranged cells and fibre. Similarly, thick connective tissues are additionally pressed with packs of strands that either keeps running in the same bearing or all in irregular headings. There are unique connective tissues too which are blood, ligament and bone. Ligament gives quality and adaptability while limiting wears additionally makes a cushion and absorbs any shock where bones join together. Then blood is utilised to transport oxygen, carbon dioxide and supplements around the body and bone tissues give structure and strength to the body permitting the body to hold up straight. Bone tissue additionally stores calcium, permits development and has cells that shape blood.

4Epithelium tissue can comprise of diverse varieties of tissues. The varieties are cuboidal, squamous and columnar. Squamous epithelium tissue which are pictures 1 and 3, that are available in the alveoli and the throat's layering so as to cover, they are flat and are shaped of cells which. Essentially the columnar epithelium tissue which is picture 2 is likewise comprised of layer but the layers are segment shaped and are available in the pharynx's covering, anus, uterus and

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