Thick Straws: The Physics Of Stereotyping

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In this essay, the physics behind dropping an egg from a balcony without breaking it will be discussed. The final prototype consisted of multiple thick straws sticking out from a pyramid of 3 inch straws which held the egg. Starting with the pyramid, 3 inches were cut from the regular straws and attached with glue and tape to make a hollow pyramid shape. The regular straws were then attached to the pyramid to make them stick outward. To secure the object, tape was wrapped all around the straws that were sticking out. Altogether, straws, glue, and tape were used.
The first prototype had the same structure as the final prototype except less straws were used and the straws were much thinner. When it was dropped from a balcony at home, it worked
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A small force for a long time can produce the same momentum. So, if you extend the time it takes to come to a stop, then the force won’t be as large and won’t put as much force on the egg drop. Thick straws were used in this egg drop so that when it hits the ground the elasticity of the straws will take more time for the egg to come to a complete stop, causing the force on the egg to be less. Although gravity is sometimes forgotten, it does play an enormous part in the egg drop. Gravity accelerates objects to the ground; this is why objects do not float when they are dropped. When the egg is dropped, it will have a gravitational pull on it sending it straight to the ground. When the upward force of air resistance balances the downward force of gravity, the net force is zero. Air resistance is a form of friction and is produced when air oppositely retards an object. When the egg drop was being constructed, the decision was made to not make a parachute because it was attempted at home but failed. At home, the paper parachute made no difference and ended up getting tangled with the straws. Because of the straws and mass of the egg drop, it cut through the air. The less air resistance an object has, the more quickly the object will fall. The Law of Conservation of Energy states Energy is never created or destroyed, but it can be transferred from one object to another or transformed from one type of energy to another. The Egg before the drop has potential energy. During the drop, prior from hitting the pavement, the potential energy is converted to kinetic energy and at the time of the impact the egg loses all of its kinetic
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