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I threw on my jacket, snow pants, boots, and hat as quickly as I could, preparing for the journey from my cozy home into the sub zero weather. “Don’t forget your scarf, sweetie!” my mom yelled to me as I struggled to open the front door while holding a sled in one hand and a pair of gloves in the other. Successfully turning the lock and pushing the handle, my eyes caught sight of a scene that I’ve only dreamed of: a blanket of white covered everything I could lay my eyes on. Houses, cars, mailboxes, and even fire hydrants were coated in a sea of bright flurries that reflected the sun. Pulling the hand warmers out of my coat pocket, I tore off the wrapper, shook them, and stuck them inside my gloves as I slid them on and began to make my way down, what I thought was our driveway, towards the sidewalk with the dog sled dragging alongside my footsteps collecting the top layer of the powdery white flakes as the loud crunching of snow being packed down with every step I took filled my ears. Finally I reached a long narrow ice kissed sidewalk, the once cold, wet burdensome boots I had on become as light as a feather as I skated along the frozen pathway. A treacherous climb up the long, steep staircase covered in slush leading to the top of the sled hill laid before me. Unfortunately this was the only way up, so I began my hike, only to be disturbed by the cool chilly winds. At last,…show more content…
My legs become weak from walking up so many stairs and struggling to maneuver through the dense snow, so I lay my sled down on the thick sleet of ice and slide down the cleared passage. At the corner of street I crashed into a snowbank causing Ice cold snow to go inside my jacket and all over my face. So I quickly got up grabbed the sled, wiped away the snot dripping from my nose and sprinted to my house where I opened the front door and stepped inside to comfort of my warm
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