Thin Ideal

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The media is going fast as technology advances and has now become so common it is almost not uncommon not to see advertisements. The media is always among us, so of course it would influence our life. The media is creating this effect on women and men that their overall appearances are just not good enough. It started an epidemic of non-reachable goals and misery with what is real. Our culture has portrayed the “thin ideal” in every avenue of the media such as; magazines, social media, movies, and commercials. In the past 70 years, the number of all eating disorders incidences have dramatically increased. For example, bulimia cases have tripled since 1988 from ages 10 to 39 (Grabe et al 462). Body dissatisfaction and low self- esteem has put…show more content…
The world always believed that the media only effect n=body image in kids and while body dissatisfaction is more common among kids; it does affect adults. A study of 456 adolescents from both public and private school that ranged from 13 to 17 years old was done after giving the students an administrated physical and mental survey. The experiment showed that the average participate had already internalized the thin-ideal (Van Vonderen and William 48). It is almost impossible to escape the influence of the media and children are being exposed to these portrayals earlier and earlier in…show more content…
Yes, eating disorders aren’t really an issue with in males, but steroids are. In the media, you would not see a plus size male unless they are there to be funny or make fun of. I have yet to see a plus size Calvin Klein model, yet they sell plus size clothing. It is not right to overlook males, because they are suffering just as much. They feel as they should look like the men girls obsess over or that their life should revolve around the gym. It is unhealthy to not love you true self and to be at the gym all week. The world has put it in their mind that men are strong and eating disorders and self-harm are not an issue for them. This is not true and
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