Things Between Marcus And I Has Been The Best Decision I Ever Made

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Things between Marcus and I has been perfect the last seven months. Marcus took care of the police as a gift of me quitting hustling. I have to admit me stepping down has been the best decision I ever made. In a sense, me and Marcus has gotten closer since all this happened. In addition to our happiness, business for both of us is better than it’s ever been. After stepping down from the drug game, Marcus expanded by adding my guys to his team. My boutiques are booming right now. Life for me is perfect; I finally got what I always wanted. Today Marcus took off from work, because we’re moving into a new house. The old one was cool, but that was Marcus’s house. I wanted to start fresh together and buying our first house was what we needed. We arrived at the new house bright and early. Marcus and three of his friends unloaded the moving truck, while I unloaded the car. Once I walked in the house, I walked through it one more time before I started unpacking. This house is much bigger than the old one. It has eight bedrooms, five bathrooms, indoor basketball court, and indoor infinity pool. The kitchen was beautifully decorated in ash granite top counters and cabinets, an L shape island with high back bar tools. The stairs was a spiral staircase with chandeliers running along with it. Me and Marcus’s bedroom was so big you could fit another bedroom in it. There were two French double doors that lead to a balcony. Our bathroom was connected to the room. It had grey marble

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