Things Children Are Made By Children Research Paper

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Do you do chores? I could imagine that you probably do some work at home and school, and that’s it. Could you imagine waking up every day to go and work? Imagine weaving carpets until your hands bleed. Imagine carrying bricks on your shoulders, feeling like you're about to collapse. Well shockingly, for lots of children around the world, this is a reality. Kids are being robbed of their childhood, to be forced to make an income. How can we stop this? The answer is simple and easy, “no one will produce, what no one buys.” (The World Counts). Stop buying things children are forced to make!

You may be thinking to yourself: “How do I know that the product is produced by children?” Well, the products mostly made by children are: “Shoes, soap, sugar, carpets, chocolate, and clothing.” (End Slavery Now) I’m not telling you to completely stop buying these products. Instead, buy alternatives. Here is a list of products that do not condone child labor. Shoes: Oliberte
Soap: Thistle farms Sugar: (look for any product that has a Fair Trade label),
Carpets: GoodWeave
Chocolate: Equal Exchange, Theo
Clothing: People Tree
(Yet you can do little research and find lots of products with a fair trade label.)
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By basically boycotting the products, they will eventually stop producing them. Putting the children that work there, free. Although this solution may be difficult since these products might be more expensive / hard to find. There many other ways to help child labor. Such as: donating to funds to make schools for children so they don’t have to work, “because school is the best place to work” (Stop Child Labor). Another way is to go out and change the public view on the problem, every supporter helps. There are so many other ways to
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