Things Fall Apart : A Representation Of Conquest

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Things Fall Apart; A Representation of Conquest
Things Fall Apart is a story about both the downfall of an Ibo Village, and the downfall of one of the villages most successful members. This story is a perfect encapsulation of the conquest of African tribes by Europeans in the late 19th century. Using a mixture of aggressive missionaries and turning tribesmen against their neighbors, we witness the deterioration of a culture.
When the Commissioner talks about the people of Okonkwo 's tribe, he sees them as savages. Not as a tribe with cultures, customs, and beliefs. He sees them as crude and uncultured, and finds their customs “incorrect”. This definitely fits the concept of the white man 's duty, being the hero that teaches “savages” the “right” way to live. Taking place in the European imperial era, Okonkwo 's story gives us an example of colonial conquest. The first mission for the conquistadors is to try to convert the people to Christianity as peacefully as possible. If they can convert the tribe, the conquistadors can hold religious power over the them.
The relationship between the missionaries and the Africans begins as one of amusement on the part of the tribe.The missionaries claim the Africans worship false gods, and the Africans laugh off these notions. Most of the tribe brushes off the Missionaries as mad, and continue on with their lives. But, their words strike a chord in some of the younger tribe members, including Okonkwo 's son, Nwoye. In particular, the…

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