Things Fall Apart And Haroun And The Sea Of Stories

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Faced with the necessity to establish their works to a vast universal readership, African authors are imposed to connect their worldviews in English which frequently does not fully express African culture and society. To manage this dilemma, African authors use a variety of different writing techniques to portray the facets of African traditions.Code-switching as a writing technique. Code switching is used to indicate meaning in assertion text. African writers use them to convey a certain goal in the everyday life of the Africans. They use the most frequent form of code-switching which is the native language and English. The use of native words is due to African authors and their inability to fully convey their culture in English. In the…show more content…
You buried it in the ground somewhere so that you can die and return again to torment your mother (Things Fall Apart, p. 57).. The term iyi-uwa is heavily charged traditions of the Igbo society. The author uses "in-text" explanation which can highlight this complex item of Igbo, and for that matter, African mythology. The example alludes to a prevailing belief among some African peoples that some babies have the ability to cause their own death if they are unhappy about the treatment they get and can return to torment their parents. Iyi-uwa is a kind of talisman the babies are supposedly born with, which is a symbol of their magical powers. If a local witch-doctor can find and destroy the talisman, the baby will lose its magical powers and this will put an end to what amounts to a cycle of torment. The main motivation for the use of native words and expressions is their social and cultural relevance. The explanation placed in apposition to the native words might appear repetitive and redundant since they just repeat what has been expressed in the indigenous language and make it comprehensible to the non-native readers. Yet, the effect would not be the same if the native words or expressions were not used. Besides preserving the meaning and compensating for a lack of adequate terminological equivalence due to cultural differences. The impenetrable song lyrics as signaling battle Ikemefuna was having with himself, feeling loss and desperation. The

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