Things Fall Apart, And The Heart Of Darkness

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Introduction The following essay will contain a critical analysis of two passages from Things Fall Apart, and the Heart of Darkness. I will compare and contrast the narrative structure, the language used and the themes explored. Through this critical analysis, we can gain a better understanding of the two extracts, each one helping to illuminate the other. The passages I will be analysing are: Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe, Page 124 Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad, Page 116-117 Narrative Structure Narrative Voice, Point of View: Focalisation Conrad writes in first person homodiegetic narrative whereas Achebe writes in third person heterodiegetic narrative. First person narrative is generally always a subjective perspective with internal focalisation in that we are in Conrad’s narrators mind as we get to hear his feelings opinions, evaluation, analysis etc. Third person on the other hand can be either subjective or objective. Achebe’s passage employs an objective perspective, almost like there is a camera set and we are ‘watching’ the events unfold, an external focalisation. These two contrasting voices present a different story to the reader as we mentally place ourselves in the scenes in different ways. Characterisation, Narration and Dialogue Conrad relays events in this passage with no dialogue; it reads like a monologue. Conversely, Achebe employs dialogue and conversation between characters. Naturally, this gives the two pieces a different feel. The thoughts,
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