Things Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe Analysis

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Have you felt like the world was changing around you? Chinua Achebe writes about African culture. His works are sometimes referred to as apocalyptic. Chinua Achebe’s fiction as a depiction of social change in the colonization of Africa is shown through the social change of religion, government, and of norms and values.
The aspect of social change that was presented throughout many works of Chinua Achebe is religious change. “Tribal leaders, as well as his own son, have converted to the white man’s religion, Christianity...” (“Things Fall Apart”). The tribe converted from their religion to Christianity. The tribe converting to Christianity is a form of social change through their belief system. “Achebe was fascinated with world religions and traditional African cultures and began writing stories as a university student. After graduation he worked for the Nigerian broadcasting service and soon moved to the metropolis of Lagos” (“Narratives of Social Change”). Achebe has an interest in other religions he studied them throughout his studies at college. “In Arrow of God (1964), set in the 1920s in a village under British administration, the principal character, the chief priest of the village, whose son becomes a zealous Christian...” (Chinua Achebe) The chief priest’s son became a Christian. This shows that also the new generation is converting to a different religion even if they are born under people with hi powers within the religious community. Another aspect of social
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