Things Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe

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Cultural perspective is the manner in which the environment, social, and cultural factors shape people. These factors are gender, race, and nationality of an individual. Cultural perspective has a significant influence on how people relate between themselves as well as their capability to communicate. People that have a diverse cultural perspective might have difficulties understanding why the other conduct themselves in a particular manner. Moreover, cultural perspective affects the relationships that individuals have with themselves like emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing or their absence. Things Fall Apart is a novel that was written by Chinua Achebe, who is a supporter of multiculturalism as depicted in his book through the…show more content…
On the other hand, Things Fall Apart discusses how the Africans resisted some of the changes and gave a depiction of the manner in which they were seeking their independence. Therefore, to this end, Achebe is considered as a frontrunner of the battle against powers of colonialism. Therefore, Achebe novel had spread the religious and cultural beliefs of the Igbo people in the late 19th century widely which during this period the Igbo people had gods and goddesses within a chain of command. As a result, a typical man from the Igbo society possesses a shrine with personal gods and ancestral spirits made of woods while the deities protected different villages in the Igbo society. Additionally, the Igbo people also had a goddess of the earth, whose primary role was to give the land its fertility. The people also sought the lesser gods with prayers so that any prayers would be delivered to the highest god (Singh, 2013).

In Things Fall Apart, Achebe has portrayed the African society with great honesty. He has shown how the African culture is constructive, but on the other hand, he has openly discussed the main shortcomings associated with it. Therefore, he depicts the behavior of Africans as unreasonable, as shown by how superstitious the people were, especially around the matters of religion. The Igbo’s people had faith in Omen, for instance, it was
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