Things Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe

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In today’s society, people cannot afford to miss out on changes in trends, or technology. With the ever-rapid pace of the growing economy, one must be able and be willing to adapt and accept changes. Perspectives within different cultures and societies may differ with changes. People need to teach each other that much like the changing of the seasons, our way of life in time will also change. It should not be something forced, and that a way of life for one may not be the best way for others. People should also know that when trying to change a culture or society; it’s better to incorporate their religions, beliefs, and traditions to help gradually make the changes. Forcing something on a person or society would only lead to chaos. In…show more content…
He describes a few of their customs there starting with status, much like in our society today people are put in statuses because of what they have or accomplished. In Africa back then, if you had many wives, a lot of kids, was a great farmer rather you raised cattle or grew vegetables, respected the elders and customs of the community, you will reach a higher status and have respect within the community. Often times, once you received recognition in the community for obtaining Great wealth, you would often receive word by the elders who have met, and agreed to have you become an elder. Thus reaching the highest status in the community and becoming greatly revered. Another custom back then is when a warrior (a man) came back home after a war with another tribe, victorious, and brought with him the head of the enemy there would be a celebration. It may seem barbaric to you and but that was how it was. Actions such as these were being done as far back as Genghis Khan. Another culture they had, was if there was a crime that was against another clan, the affected clan would meet up with all the elders to decide if they would go to war. There would be a decision made if they would accept compensation for the crime that was committed against them, one of the compensation could be that the clan receives a young girl who is a virgin. Back then women like objects to use as trade. They may even accept a boy that can be used to work doing the working
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