Things Fall Apart By Yukio Mishima

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The story revolves around Toshiko (the protagonist of the story), her guilt about witnessing the birth of an illegitimate child in her own house, and the inhumane treatment of a doctor to the new born illegitimate baby of a working mother. To further analyze the passage, we’ll use Marxism Lens so that we’ll understand what Yukio Mishima is trying to imply to his readers. In the story, the author has described who the characters were. First, Toshiko is a woman married to an actor and was raised in a wealthy family. Yukio also described Toshiko as “oversensitive since girlhood” in paragraph 2. Toshiko’s husband is a rich and famous actor who does not really care about her. Toshiko represents a wealthy person who lives in a privileged life. Because…show more content…
Toshiko, her husband and the doctor is a representation of the wealthier society. Wealthy people live in luxurious places, they have better jobs, and they are raised with privilege and comfort. They have the time to have fun with their friends, they are educated, and seen as superior compared to working class. The lack of empathy of Toshiko’s husband and how he shares the incident that happened in their house to his friends like it was a funny story tells us that the wealthy people do not take the unprivileged and oppressed people seriously. Many working class strive so that not only they will survive, but at least give their children a better future. Being stuck in the working class is not everyone’s goal, everybody yearns to have a life of comfort and privilege. The doctor’s treatment towards the illegitimate child is unfair. Even though he is educated and well respected, how he treats the unprivileged is inhumane. Is he doing his job because it is his passion to genuinely help other? Especially the underserved? Or he is just doing his job, half-heartedly, for the sake of the money that he’ll receive, no thinking of what he does? We could also use Cultural Materialism for this story since it covers about social discrimination. Wealthy people abusing the working and underprivileged by treating them unfairly and labeling them as unworthy of better access to health, service,
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