Things Fall Apart Chapter 2 Summary

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Chapters 1 and 2
2. a) “War is the greatest plague that can afflict humanity, it destroys religion, it destroys states, it destroys families. Any scourge is preferable to it.”, Martin Luther. This statement is undoubtedly accurate; during the war, there is only chaos. Bombings, bloodshed, gunfire, deaths of innocents, to only name a few of the unthinkable acts during this time of devastation. After the Taliban had taken over, the bombing had indeed stopped, but the brutality and disorder of the war remained. Women were forced to stay in their homes, to leave what little education they had and were not allowed to go to work. They always had wear burqas when out in public, they had to learn to hold their tongues and hide their faces, because fatal and troubling consequences are happen to young
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The right to education, the right to freedom, the right to having a voice, or the right to simply wander and explore were snatched away from females and are never to be seen again because of their gender. The innocence of a child is also taken without a second thought; the first day of school, school performances, graduation, prom, earning a driver’s license, falling in love, and making all the wrong decisions, to name a few situations. The simple moments in life that we take for granted are all wrenched out of our grasps because war is a time of sexism, violence, discrimination, injustice and inequality, not simplicity and peace Even now in society, women are constantly being taken for granted. They are seen as being weak, frail, soft, vulnerable, helpless, quiet and timid. We, as females, have evolved and stepped up in society since that dark era. We have become international leaders, we have provided opportunities for millions of people, we are compassionate and helpful to those in need and are now recognized as some of the most powerful and influential individuals internationally. Take Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, Hilary Clinton, Ellen DeGeneres and Melinda
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