Things Fall Apart Critical Analysis

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For Whom Is It Well: A Critical Exploration of Things Fall Apart Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart is often regarded as the epitome of African literature, as it covers topics never before seen within the genre and paints the Igbo people as much more complex than previously assumed. Achebe provides the reader with a look into West African Igbo culture with well rounded characters and complex themes, and immerses audiences in a world to which they were previously unaware of. The novel revolves around Igbo tradition, part one being so steeped with culture and tradition is what helps the reader realize the severity of the British colonization. Once the reader becomes accustomed to Igbo terms and and traditions everything shifts as the Christians move in.
The majority of readers have little to no background in African culture, specifically with the Igbo people; immersing them in the culture before the final conflict helps the reader to truly process how serious it all was - giving the audience the ability to connect to the culture in order to fully understand how serious things were. Comprehension begins with an understanding of the sociocultural aspects of the Igbo people, the most notable in Things Fall Apart being gender roles. The isolated village of Umuofia is perfect in this respect - readers are able to leave everything about the western world behind and immerse themselves into late nineteenth-century Nigeria. Time spent in the setting of Umuofia develops a sense of
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