Things Fall Apart Culture Analysis

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The Fall of the Culture
Sometimes readers may feel sympathetic for Okonkwo because of his inability control himself but most of the time, he deserves his faults. In Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, the author thought there was a lack of Nigerian colonization and wanted to show an accurate portrayal of the clash between the African culture and western ideas. His book showed two issues, one between Igbo society and another with an unknown culture to them, the British. Okonkwo’s flaw of anger and fear of weakness makes him corrupt because of his dad, Unoka. Therefore, it caused Okonkwo to start from poverty and then work to become the most well-known and wealthy person but slowly falls down. Chinua Achebe uses Okonkwo to portray the true nature of what happens when two cultures clash through misunderstandings and conflicts.
To begin with, Okonkwo’s sense of identity before colonization was caused by his fear of weakness and failure. For example, “Okonkwo sprang from his bed, pushed back the bolt on his door and ran into Ekwefi’s hut” (Achebe 76). He has a difficult time interacting with his own kids and showing love for them. The reason for the lack of affection is all as a result of Unoka’s choices and how Okonkwo grew up. Moreover, he thinks that violence is the key to everything and it solves all his problems. Achebe writes, “It filled him with fire as it had always done from his youth. He trembled with the desire to conquer and subdue” (42). Incidents happened where
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