Things Fall Apart: Eurocentrism

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Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “Nothing can be loved or hated unless it is first known. Chinua Achebe takes this idea into account when he wrote Things Fall Apart. He shows in this novel that unless you know about African culture, you can’t love it or hate it. He shows that Africans aren’t savages like the world thinks they are, and that the Eurocentric world that we live in isn’t correct. Eurocentricism is the idea that the world revolves around Europe and western civilization. This idea has been the focus point of Achebe and has driven him to prove the universe does not revolve around European culture and it is equal to all other cultures. The idea of Eurocentricism pushed the nations toward imperialism by saying that it was the ruling…show more content…
He sees that the natives to the land have been forced into slavery for the company and are overworked and treated baldly. Marlow’s friend, Kurtz, died before they made it back. Kurtz, being ill and convinced he was a native god, said his last words as “The horror! The horror!” Kurtz means that he has seen too many horrible things in his life, and he refuses to see any more. He has seen people turn into nothing by the hands of the Europeans. Chinua Achebe says that Conrad does "not hint, clearly and adequately at an alternative frame of reference by which we may judge the actions and opinions of his characters." Achebe says that Marlow is saying Conrad’s thoughts and believes. Those who think that “Heart of Darkness” is racist, say that many books of the time period are influenced by experiences of the author. This novel says that the Africans are savages and are good for nothing unless there is a white man to rule over them. In response to this statement Chinua Achebe has written “Things Fall Apart”. This novel shows that the Africans not only have order in their communities, but family, music, economy, laws, a class system, religion, farming techniques, and is a patriarchy system, like the Europeans. But Achebe doesn’t present his culture as a perfect society, like Europe is presented. He shows the flaws in society

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