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The book “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe has many important sociological perspectives. Many of the characters in the book play important roles in order to create a society. Towards the end of the book, the “white men” begin to move into the village, bringing the religion of Christianity with them. Although the villagers have a current religion that believes in multiple gods, the white men begin to convince people to convert. This in result causes uproar in the village because some members convert, while others push the white men away and decide to be faithful to their current religion. One example of downward mobility in the group is Okonkwo’s banishment. Since Okonkwo accidently pulled the trigger of a gun, killing Ezeudu, he was …show more content…
On the other hand, the faith of Christianity believed in one god and the existence of Jesus Christ. Having these two religions will cause a difficult adjustment for the group because the members of each group think that their views are correct, while the other’s is wrong. This in return causes hatred and dislike among the two different groups. Another reason why things began to fall apart in this community is because some of the villages decided to change their religion to Christianity. In the eyes of the faithful people, who decided to stick with their current religion, these people who changed their views are traitors. Many of the members who stuck with their religion wanted the people who converted to Christianity to be punished. They also put bribes on the white men, asking for cowries in return for their life to be spared. If any killings occurred then this would cause chaos because the white men would retaliate against the villagers, causing a war between the two different groups. One possible solution to prevent the downfall in the community would have been to split it into two groups. The people who wanted to accept the faith of Christianity would go with the white men, leaving everything behind to start their new lives. This would not have been a negative choice for the people who chose this because the white men knew how to bring money into their community, just as they did for the villagers. On the other hand, the people who did not want to adapt the new

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